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Master Your Movement

Group-X Fitness Classes

We design POWERMASTER FITNESS group fitness classes to both help you maintain your motivation as well as achieve your goals. We accomplish this through support and example. As a matter of fact, group classes aren’t all created equal. Group-X classes provide the so-called “group effect.” It’s scientifically proven to have a significant impact on health. Furthermore, research shows that the healthy actions of others rub off on us as individuals. Additionally, health experts say that working out in a group setting enhances consistency, duration, conversation, and inspiration.

We offer classes for a total body workout, including GROUP YOGA, ZUMBA® CLASSES, FITNESS BOOT CAMP WORKOUT, FLOOR PILATES EXERCISE, and MORE. Both our expert instructors and your group mates will help you attain results and master your movement while having fun. We make it simple to push yourself, feel your best, and be your best.

POWERMASTER FITNESS offers two month-to-month gym memberships. Each includes our Group-X classes.