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Master Your Power

Strength Training Equipment

Free Weights
POWERMASTER FITNESS™ has strength training equipment for every shape, size, and fitness level. Whether you’re a novice or a hard-core lifter, we’ll help you Master Your Power™! Our club has a wide variety of free weights to meet your strength training needs. We also have Olympic weights, Olympic bars, and Olympic benches, plus plenty of plates – including bumper plates – as well as a power rack and squat rack.

Weight Machines
POWERMASTER FITNESS has a vast collection of weight machines for every body type to help you take your resistance training up a notch. Think of a muscle group; we’ve got a machine for it. If you’ve never used weight machine equipment, free weights, or if you just need a few tips, our senior-level personal trainers will be happy to assist you. We also offer customized personal training sessions to help you meet your fitness goals and keep you motivated and inspired.